In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, resilient boards are adapting and changing to a changing landscape of business. They redefine their responsibilities as well as their purpose and sustainability that go beyond shareholder supremacy. They also welcome different perspectives and diverse voices to define the future success.

The technology that powers the boardroom continues to change the way boards work. Secure platforms enable real-time communication and collaboration between directors located across different locations while data analytics offer deeper insights for more informed decision-making. Artificial intelligence can also assist in tasks such as agenda preparation and risk assessment and allows board members to focus their time on strategy.

Another trend in the boardroom is to incorporate natural lighting into meeting spaces to promote healthier and more productive conversations. A recent Harvard Business Review survey ranked natural light as the most desirable office perk. It was a step ahead of more predictable options like cafeterias on premises or fitness centers.

Cyberthreats are becoming a greater threat to businesses. It is crucial that directors of boards stay current on the threats and weaknesses of their company so they can oversee cybersecurity effectively. This could involve creating dedicated committees and appointing lead directors, or investing in specialized board training.

As the pace of change speeds up and the pace of change increases, adopting a lifelong learning mindset is essential for board directors. They will be interested in the latest issues and examine previously unconsidered options, enabling them to guide management towards innovative strategies that differentiate the company in their industry.

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